Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



The last decade has been one financially rough, uphill road. Just as one rough section is cleared, something else takes its place. Last night that "something else" came along. This brought on dejected thoughts like, "This is never going to end." At lunch, "Been Tipped Over" came to mind even though I hadn't heard it on WCIC today. I've thought of it before but never followed through. Today I followed through, nearly doubling the amount of the check. I don't know what impact it will have on the server, but it sure helped my state of mind.



A gentlemen and his two children came in and left a $35 tip!!! It definitely made my night! Thanks!!!



I was working a lunch shift when this wonderful family came in for their daughter's birthday with a larger group. They were great and I had waited on them before. Their check I said, "You have been tipped over!!"



I was recently "tipped over" by a nice gentleman that saw I was very busy but was still getting everyone what they needed. It's customers like these that makes servers' jobs worth it. Thank you!



First time that I have been tipped over at this locally owned restaurant. I definitely did not expect it. It was much appreciated and made my night!



They were a blessing to wait on, simple to communicate with, made friendly eye contact. Couldn't have asked for a better table to start off a long shift at the Barrel! Thank you!!



I had a super sweet mom and daughter that left a generous tip tonight. They were very pleasant to wait on where I work, at a family restaurant in Goodfield. I really appreciated your kindness. Thanks so much!



I am a nail technician, working at a nail salon in Springfield, IL. Elizabeth, my regular customer, "tipped me over." The service bill was $50.00. She added $30:00 to the tip line. I thought she made a mistakes so I got her attention. She said she wanted me to have a good day and then wrote something on the back telling me to go on the internet and check it out. This really brighten my day, especially for a slow one like this. Thank you, Elizabeth. You made my day!


Victoria, Texas

A couple came in and tipped me way over than what they should have. They also paid for the man next to them because he was eating alone and they thought it would make his day. When I told, him he was so surprised and lit up because he just moved to town and didn't know anyone. I ended up sitting with him since he was my last table and talked with him for a little bit. I found out he is a Veteran and thanked him for his service. So thank you to the couple that paid for his meal and ended up all together tipping me $35. Y'all not only made my day but you made his too. I'm so blessed to serve y'all!



It's nice when people show that we as servers have done a great job. Many times, tips are small. When folks tip over, it lets you know that you are doing a great job, and it is appreciated! Thanks to everyone that gives us a bright spot in the day!!