Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories


East Peoria

A man came in and was waiting for his friend who overslept to meet him for breakfast. It was early Sunday morning around so we weren't busy quite yet. When his friend showed up, I took their order and laughed away with them. They left and I look down on the table - they left me almost a 100% tip! Thank you all so much; it truly made my day!!!! May God bless you all!!



It was a Sunday. The day was not the greatest. Food was coming out crazy, and I was ready to go home. I had this table. Tips had not been great that day so I was expecting the same from them. To my surprise they tipped me $50 on a $60 ticket! I almost cried. They changed my entire day!


Orland Park

Was tipped over by a generous man and his family who dined in the restaurant I work at for lunch!



It's been a bad week for tips. I recently moved into a recovery-style house when I decided to get clean. Last Friday, I wasn't able to pay my rent - and I still didn't make enough over the weekend. Today, we were really slow again. I had a friendly couple come in... they were great to wait on. When I came back later to collect his credit card slip, there was a $50 tip attached and a note saying to visit this site! I made enough to pay my rent. God provides!!!



It was a normal day at work, and I had a table of four. Two were regulars. One guy payed for all the meals and left a $5.00 tip. I was cleaning off the table when under the coffee cup was a folded paper with $20.00 in it. "You've been tipped over" was written on it with the website. It was very needed and appreciated. Thank you. I don't know your name, but I feel that God answered my prayers.



I was tipped over by nice couple I have served a few weeks before. This really brightened my night. Thank you so much! Your tip was more than just cash on a tray... it was kindness.



This morning at McDonald's, I paid for the woman behind me in the drive thru. It was only like $3 and some odd change but she was so happy and honked at me and waved as I was pulling out. Her smile was huge. Then I got to work, and my friend Matt came into the salon. We met at church a while back, and I've been cutting his hair since then. He paid $14 for the haircut plus a dollar for the Children's Hospital. Then he tipped me $100! Yesterday was a really bad tip day, but today was over and beyond expectations. Praise God!



Working another long double with a 5 min break gets a bit frustrating, but today I got darn near a 50 percent tip on one of my small tables and a note saying "you have been tipped over. Go to" On days like today it's nice to have someone appreciate the time we take as servers to make sure our guests are having a good time and enjoy their visit. I liked being able to share that on here.



Got slammed one afternoon, running around like a mad man, and this couple was very patient and kind. They watched as one of my other tables got up and left because their food was taking too long. Anyway, after my last table left I checked their receipt and was dumbfounded to see that they had left a $500 tip on a $70 tab! Management was suspicious of it, but it checked out as legit. I ended up tipping out the kitchen and staff about $150 out of it, just because I like to spread the wealth when I can. And that couple made it so that I could brighten a few other people's day.


El Paso

Thank you! You were my third table of the night; I was already feeling overwhelmed; I'm sure it showed! It made my night; it kept me smiling! I will pay it forward!!! Thank you!!! :)