Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



First guests of the night,really sweet:) Thank you so much! :)



Thank you to the family that came in Saturday night. I'm a mother of 2 young children and can't even express my gratitude towards you! It was a pleasure serving you and your kids! Thank you and God Bless!!!



A slow Thursday morning, 2 lovely ladies came in for lunch. Didn't know that would be my only table for the day. Thanks for going above and beyond!



I am always self-conscious when I am waiting tables. I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job, if I am moving quick enough, if people like me... I was having one of these days where my mind is just going with all this stinkin' thinkin' and then - I was tipped over. These two ladies sat at my table for most of the morning, had breakfast, chatted for a while, then went on their way and totally made my day by leaving me $25 and a note. ☺️ I am thankful for people like this!!! I cried. Such a blessing!


I am amazed and feel very blessed to have been tipped over today! I just found out that my father has leukemia, my husband was just laid off from his job a few days ago, and I have a grandchild that is due to be born with a lot of heart problems soon. So having a little blessing sprinkled in all this madness reminded me that prayers are answered! Thank you to the ladies who tipped me over! God bless you!!!!



I waited on a man tonight, one of our regulars and he made my day so much better! He offered to pay for another couples' tab. His total was a little over $30, and he left a $40 tip. What an amazing man!! He made my slow Monday night so much better and put a big smile on my face. I always keep one on, but he made it just a little bigger. Bless your heart. I'll always remember that!



A party came in and joked around with me I waited on them; their bill was $77.17, and they left me a $30 dollar tip. I'm very grateful because I still attend college and have bills to pay. This has helped a lot. Amazing customers!


Osage Beach

I was having a pretty rough day where I work. It was busy all day. After working 8 hours, I got a 7-top. They were really polite and easy to take care of. I was the only server there, so I never really got a chance to talk to them. Then as they were leaving the man says, "Here you go, have a blessed day!" I said, "Thank you guys! Have a great day!" I didn't even look at the tip at first. Then I realized he gave me $50. That made my day so much better - knowing that a man of God felt the need to tip me so much. It will really help me out with my bills. So thank you for tipping me out of the kindness of your heart! I hope I can meet him again one day, and just hug him. :)



I was overwhelmed when a golf group from a local church over tipped me! I have been waiting on this group of people that I truly love for probably 7 years! They have been there for me through all of my recent challenges. I truly appreciate them! Thanks for making me feel so loved! God bless you all!



I am a mom working 2 jobs, struggling with 3 teenage kids, and get little help from my ex-husband. Every night while heading into work,  I say thru Facebook (or just out loud), "Please let me be tipped over." Many have asked me what I mean by that, and I just say, "Listen to WCIC." My mom got me to listen to WCIC, and on occasion I attend church. I struggle on a weekly basis making ends meet, but my mom is always there to help or tell me God is listening and, "He doesn't give you anything you cant handle." When I am in the car, and the kids are arguing about what channel to turn the radio to, I always turn it to WCIC and leave it there. Of course, I get the "ugh's" and, "Okay, we can listen to Country," or whatever the argument was about. Usually after the first song, I see them singing along with the next tune. Not using WCIC as punishment - but my way for them to let Him in and get along with each other. I had a rotten day at the doctor's office where I work during the day. Then I headed to my second job. A lady named Tammy and her daughter came in to eat. A few other tables came in. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Tammy and her daughter ate, purchased some tickets for the upcoming fair this weekend, paid their bill, and out the door they went. I was in total shock when I finishing cleaning their table and went to gather the credit card slip. $30 tip on a $30.69 bill. I said, "My mom is right; He does listen to me."