Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



I was so overwhelmed by their kindness. I thank them so much. They really made my day.



A lovely family tipped me $30 on a $60 tab. The dad wrote "thanks for dealing with our kids" on the receipt. I don't think the parents realized what a wonderful job they've done with their kids, but I'm very thankful they decided to tip me over because it made my entire day. I love this movement!



I work at Great Clips. I am expecting, so we talked about what's going on with me and he also talked about his children. A little while after he left, he came back with a $25 dollar Toys-R-Us gift card. I am beyond blessed! Just knowing that there are still caring people out there really makes me happy. Thank you so so muc,h Dana and Brian! You are greatly appreciated! God bless!



My fiance is a waiter in Peoria. A couple ended up tipping him 100% of their bill - such a wonderful blessing. Thank you. We will be sure to pay it forward. Peace and love. - Samie and Ben



Made my evening! Thank you so much for the generous tip you gave! God bless you... so awesome!



I work in a small mom and pop pizza place; my cook accidentally messed up and forgot half my order. The customer was OK and not mad at all I had it recooked and replaced fast. They were nice the whole time, and their total was just over $15. They tipped me a $10 more! They even wrote this note on the back of the receipt. Thank you to those customers because all my tips rite now are going towards buying me a car!



I've actually been tipped over a few times. I've never even heard of this site before but yesterday I received a tip from two young ladies. They we so nice, and I had no problem while waiting on them. I would just like to say thank you to the both of them. I appreciate it so much. I also appreciate the cute little notes I receive!! It makes my days so much better!!



I have been going through some very financial difficulties lately being a single mom, trying to send one son to college and maintain my household with my vehicle breaking down constantly!! I waited on a wonderful family today, and as the woman cashed out she asked me if I have ever heard of "been tipped over." I want to thank her for showing me this web site. I am so grateful to have been tipped over!



A couple who has been my "regulars" for over a year now came in today after not seeing them for awhile. About every time they have come in, we've talked about God and how we have a relationship with him. Today we talked about the love of God, what he has been doing in their lives and mine. I've been shown the love of God by getting tipped over!



A wonderful experience, left me feeling appreciated and blessed. Thank you to everyone who is brightening a server's day with generosity and kindness!