Here are some of the stories from those who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




As I was going through my tickets at the end of my shift an entering my tips, I came across a note written on one ticket. It read that I had been tipped over. Then I looked at my tip! Wow, the table that I waited on left me a 40% tip! I love my job as it rewarding to me to wait on people. The little extra tip made my heart happy, just knowing that I made other people happy. Thank You to the table of four that tipped me over. I felt very blessed!



I’m a waiter and bartender and the two best girls come in often for our Triple Chocolate Meltdown. They are always cheerful and just fun to see. They always treat me well, but tonight the really suprised me by leaving a $10 tip on a bill of &9.16! What awesome girls!! Thank you Katie and Hannah, much appreciated! 


East Peoria

I am a server in East Peoria and very new to serving. I had a mother and daughter come in and they were very sweet. I had a conversation with them and during it, I told them I was a single mother of 3 boys. Then, I got busy and didn’t go back and check on them till a little after their food was delivered. When I did go back, the lady told me I should probably come check on my customers after their food is delivered to make sure their food was to their standards, so I just thought right then and there that I was not going to get a good tip. But when they left I went back to the table and they had left me a $17.00 dollar tip and their bill was less than their tip. On their ticket it said, Jesus loves you. Thank you so much, you have been tipped over. WCIC❤



I’ve been a server for less than a week now. I still get a little overwhelmed and don’t always know the answers to all of the questions my guests will ask; however, I still try to provide the people I waitress with the best possible experience so they will be glad to return as I get better at what I am doing. This past Sunday, my first table on what I knew was going to be a long day working a double shift, tipped me $40 on a $39 tab. I had never heard of tipped over before, but was so grateful to have had such generosity sent my way. Though I figured this was a once in a blue moon thing, I still felt so lucky to have had this happen to me in my first week of waiting tables. It totally changed my entire day and made me so happy to be there. I worked at my other job on Monday and came back to this one on Tuesday of this week for a dinner shift, and unbelievably so, my first table of the night left me an $81 tip on their $81 tab. I cannot express enough how big of an impact these two families made on me through their kindness. I often pay for the person behind me in the drive thru as I know how it brightens my day on the rare occasions that it happens to me.  I hear of waitresses getting extensive tips through the holiday season here and there as well, but to have my guests be so selfless with no occasion at all is truly such a blessing. If either of you are out there reading this, thank you so much, again. You’ve not only helped me out more than enough in hard times, but you’ve touched my life with your kindness. It is so good to have a reassurance that there are still sweet people with beautiful hearts out there in this world.


East Peoria

It seemed to be a typical Tuesday night shift. I had a nice couple sit at a two top in my section. They seemed like ordinary guests. I greet everyone the same: with respect and a smile. At the end of their dinner, I cleared their plates and gave them a bill. They stayed a while and chatted while the Mrs. finished her drink. After they left, I picked up the bill and put it in my apron, I was surprised and confused to find that the tip was quite a bit larger than normal. And written on the receipt was “you’ve been tipped over! With this website written under it. I have honestly never heard of Unfortunately, they left before I could thank them for their generosity. So I suppose, in a way, I am thanking them here!

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