What does it mean?!

That person you waited on felt God nudge them to leave a larger-than-usual tip.

You’re an important part of this community. You make life a little better and a little brighter for the people you serve every day. And while you probably run across the occasional “hard to please” customer, your service IS appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do!

Hope being "Tipped Over" brightened your day a bit!


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Surprised by a larger-than-usual tip? How’d it feel when you were TIPPED OVER? 

(Or if YOU tipped someone over and have a story to share, let us know.)

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  • Want to be part of it?

    It's simple. Just look for any opportunity to show love to those who serve us!

    Leave a larger-than-usual tip. (You decide how much. Maybe it's 25%, or maybe it's 70%. Something that fits your budget.)

    On the receipt, write:

    "You've been tipped over! Check out"

    When we serve or give just to make someone's life a little better - with no agenda but authentic love - the heart of Jesus is expressed.

    Thanks for helping Share the Love this summer!

Tipped Over Stories


Working another long double with a 5 min break gets a bit frustrating, but today I got darn near a 50 percent tip on one of my small tables and a note saying "you have been tipped over. Go to" On days like today it's nice to have someone appreciate the time we take as servers to make sure our guests are having a good time and enjoy their visit. I liked being able to share that on here.


This past Saturday we were having a slow morning. I had one table and they had tipped me $4 on $22, which you can't complain about. My very next table was a set of two girls in their early twenties maybe? They were very friendly from the beginning. I treated them like anyone else, with respect and good service. Little did I know these two girls were there to enjoy lunch, but also make my day! Their bills were right under $10 a piece and each of them left me a $9 tip⯑. We're all just young adults trying to figure it out and get by! I'm thankful for people like you!


First guests of the night,really sweet:) Thank you so much! :)