Here are some of the stories from those who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




It was just an ordinary table. Food was correct, drinks stayed filled. I had just received a $10 tip off of a two top which is exciting enough. I dont work at a high end restaurant. So a few dollars per table is what im use to. Then I go to buss this table after they had left and notice another $10 tip off a two top with a piece of paper. Just an over all warming experience especially when I’m use to getting a few dollars, not two $10 tips back to back. Thank you to the couples who both tipped over.


East Peoria

I recently received an extra tip and the information to this website this past weekend. I had the opportunity to serve a nice young couple. They were very polite and friendly. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and the process of this program as there are times where we get not so polite/friendly guests. The extra tip was awesome, but more importantly the kind words and the TIPPED OVER program are even more worthwhile.



The Lincoln Chill softball team came to Sonic and let us be the place to serve them ice cream after their last regular season game. The coach told me about this website after leaving me a large tip and I couldn’t be more grateful. They were a truly great group of people and I wish them the the best.



I waited on a couple that I’m sure I’ve waited on before. We usually remember faces and tips really well (like when you dont tip at all or you’re a 20%-er). They were friendly and were in and out. I dropped off their check for them and they smiled and told me to have a nice day. Later when I went back to clean the table, I thought they left me $4 on a $37 check. Then I went to put in my tips and noticed it was $40 on a $37! How sweet of them!!! I really appreciate this movement and what this site and station are doing for servers out there! We all work really hard and depend on the tips to pay our bills and to live in general. We do a lot behind the scenes for our customers a lot of people don’t realize so leaving at least that 20% is very much appreciated. Things like this really make our day and help us realize why we love to serve others! Thank you!!


East Peoria

My wife & I usually tip “over” like 30%-50%, as we both grew up in the hospitality industry, and KNOW what a couple of extra dollars per evening mean to make ends meet. We have good positions now, and can afford to eat out a couple times per month. Since been tipped over, we have been in the 50%-100% range, writing on every receipt. Plus, we pay for the bill on a credit card, but always tip in cash. The servers love it! Our way of doing God’s will for other’s.