Here are some of the stories from those who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




I waited on a couple that I’m sure I’ve waited on before. We usually remember faces and tips really well (like when you dont tip at all or you’re a 20%-er). They were friendly and were in and out. I dropped off their check for them and they smiled and told me to have a nice day. Later when I went back to clean the table, I thought they left me $4 on a $37 check. Then I went to put in my tips and noticed it was $40 on a $37! How sweet of them!!! I really appreciate this movement and what this site and station are doing for servers out there! We all work really hard and depend on the tips to pay our bills and to live in general. We do a lot behind the scenes for our customers a lot of people don’t realize so leaving at least that 20% is very much appreciated. Things like this really make our day and help us realize why we love to serve others! Thank you!!


East Peoria

My wife & I usually tip “over” like 30%-50%, as we both grew up in the hospitality industry, and KNOW what a couple of extra dollars per evening mean to make ends meet. We have good positions now, and can afford to eat out a couple times per month. Since been tipped over, we have been in the 50%-100% range, writing on every receipt. Plus, we pay for the bill on a credit card, but always tip in cash. The servers love it! Our way of doing God’s will for other’s.



I served a couple this evening and they were nothing but kind. They only ordered desserts and tipped 10$ on 16$ bill. Thank you for your kindness and God bless.



From the moment I woke up this morning I knew today was not going to be my day.. I woke up to my battery dead in my truck, had to take a friend to a court date that didn’t end very well, I’m still behind on my bills & to top it off once I got to work, it was dead, and then as soon as everyone left and I was on my own I got slammed.. hard! A total of 10 tables & most were 4 or more people, 3 tables left me absolutely nothing & the others left me $2.. then something amazing happened.. I was cleaning off my tables & 2 of them had left the note “you’ve been tipped over”. Both tables left me over $15! They don’t realize how much that meant to me that someone noticed my hard work! Thank you to the two family’s who made me feel recognized & appreciated!!!



I had this great couple come in today for my first table. They ordered an appetizer that I actually forgot to bring in. I brought the food, and they reminded me about the appetizer… I got it right out, and they were so understanding, I made sure they were not charged for it! They then tipped me really well and left this website! It is awesome to know that sometimes people are good because of God!