Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



I am a daytime busser at a local restraunt and have regular guests come in every week. These two ladies are some of my regular crowd and order all the time for carry out, as well as dine in. I heard about this tipped over thing on WCIC and never thought it would happen to me. But these two ladies came up to me and handed me their receipt and told me to read it. So I read it and they tipped me above and beyond what they usually do. I was so surprised!! This extra tip will go towards my vacation this year.



Today I was tipped over by a regular customer. The feeling it gives you to know someone noticed and also appreciated the service I provided felt amazing. Being a waitress you mostly hear about negatives, like food not hot enough, or they waited to long etc.. When I saw the letter saying I was tipped over, it instantly put a smile on my face and put me in a great mood for the rest of the day! Thank you so much.



This afternoon, I waited on a couple and was tipped over and told to visit this site. This is an awesome thing. Thank you to the couple and thank you WCIC.



I was tipped over today at the cafe I work at. It made my day so much better. Now, I can go buy more clothes for my soon to be baby. This tip came when I needed it most!! Thank you. You made my week!!



A great couple came in and rolled with the punches I threw their way. Seeing the tip made me do a double take and, as a broke college student, it meant the world to me. Appreciate it, guys!



I work at a small  pizza resturant. Tonight I waited on a very nice family of four. The service wasn't perfect as I accidently served the gentleman a pibb instead of a coke. I was busy when they left so didn't get a chance to say goodbye but when I went to clear table, I found a surprise. They had left a note on the credit card reciept with this website and left me a 50 dollar tip on a 57 dollar tab. WOW! Right when I noticed this, they were walking by the window. I knocked on the window to get their attention and thanked them. They have no idea how it made me feel that they thought I did such a good job to deserve that. Thank you again and I will pass the kindness on. God Bless You.



A mother and a son came in with their family and I gave them excellent service. Everything was perfect!! So when I brought the check they split it two ways so they played a game on who was gonna tip the most. Well the mom won by a clear as she gave 10 dollars, but I really appreciated both of there tips.



I work at a restaurant and a lady with her family left me a 15$ tip with a note that said I'd been tipped over. It made my night so much better.



A family of 3 came out to eat today and they were so kind-hearted and very generous, I've been tipped over! I love meeting new people and see them leave happy. Thank you!



I had two nice ladies who ordered the salad bar and water. I was sure I would only get like $2, but they blessed me with $6. That's 35%! In addition these ladies were very polite and asked if they could pray for me.