Here are some of the stories we’ve heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.


Atlanta IL

I had the pleasure of waiting on a lovely group of ladies over the weekend. I sure wish we had more of their kindness in this world.



I am a waitress at a local chain restaurant. I was on a nine hour shift and about halfway through my shift, I had this wonderful family who spoke very very kindly of me, however, I just felt like I was doing my job. They were very personable and friendly and just wonderful people over all. When it came time for the check, I delivered it and they paid. They were in a hurry and left the check with my manager. My manager later found me and I opened it to read $100 on a $49 tab . I was in shock and so grateful I wanted to thank and hug them for all they have done, however, they had already left. Instead of just being grateful, I plan on paying it forward. Thank you so much to that family! May you have a Merry Christmas!


Peoria Illinois

I made a delivery tonight worth just over $30.00. My customer payed me $60.00 total. Merry Christmas! And thank you very much for the best tip I have had this month.



I was the only employee at work… A Mother and her beautiful daughter came in and I waited on them. I told them to have a Merry Christmas as they were leaving. They came back a short time later with vanilla cupcakes, a nice card, and a gift card. It really made my day ! I hope her and her family have a blessed New Year!


Springfield Il

I’m not the person that was tipped over, but my coworker Natalie was tipped over (more then 20%). I was the one that cashed out the gentleman. As I was cashing him out, I noticed the receipt said “You’ve been tipped over.” I told him I am familiar with this website and enjoy reading the testimonies. I told him thank you for his act of kindness and that I appreciate him.

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