Here are some of the stories we’ve heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




I am a server at a pizza place! Tonight I had the cutest family come in. I was having the roughest day, from being stressed with overwhelming loads of homework as a young student to car troubles! You could say stress was getting the best of me tonight. I held it together for my shift and this family just had the most precious children! Walking up to the table, my heart was filled with love and happiness they shared with me! I couldn’t help but smile! I will never forget this humble family that left me almost a $60 tip! I was shocked as I opened the book to cash out their table and saw the tip! I went to the bathroom and shed a tear and said a quick prayer! I thanked God for looking down on me and seeing my struggles, I thanked him for sending in this family that showed me love like Christ would! I thanked him for blessing me, and I prayed for this families blessings and safety! I can’t wait to pay it forward to a sweet server I next meet! I feels good to smile and meet such amazing heart-warming families as a server! I love my job!!!


peoria il

This was a much needed breath of fresh air after valentines weekend. ❤ People like this are why I’ve been a server for 22yrs… Thank you a million times over…

Samantha (Copy)


I started serving a month ago to help pay my student loans down quicker. It was a learning curve for me since I had never served before this job – which is just a second part time job. It was a slower night and this couple tipped me and told me to check out this site as they were leaving. I looked it up and was almost moved to tears. I couldn’t believe it. Little did they (or even I) know much I actually needed this pick me up. It was so rewarding,  and I appreciated receiving this. Thank you again!



I work ovens at a pizza place so I only make tips off of pick-up orders. I never go into work expecting tips because some days I simply do not make any. Today a woman came to pick up a few pizzas and left me and the other kitchen worker 30%! It was a nice surprise considering I am a college student. Made my day!



I worked the lunch shift today at Olive Garden. I had 2 ladies at my table. They were nice and easy to take care of which is always a plus. They left me a note after they left that told me I was over tipped and to visit this site. They gave me an amazing tip that made my day. ( It was 25 on a 37.38) I love serving people like this because they understand that our tips is how we make money. So I just want to say thank you to those ladies, and it was my pleasure serving you both today.

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