Here are some of the stories we’ve heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




I am a waitress at a local chain restaurant. I was on a nine hour shift and about halfway through my shift, I had this wonderful family who spoke very very kindly of me, however, I just felt like I was doing my job. They were very personable and friendly and just wonderful people over all. When it came time for the check, I delivered it and they paid. They were in a hurry and left the check with my manager. My manager later found me and I opened it to read $100 on a $49 tab . I was in shock and so grateful I wanted to thank and hug them for all they have done, however, they had already left. Instead of just being grateful, I plan on paying it forward. Thank you so much to that family! May you have a Merry Christmas!


Peoria Illinois

I made a delivery tonight worth just over $30.00. My customer payed me $60.00 total. Merry Christmas! And thank you very much for the best tip I have had this month.



I was the only employee at work… A Mother and her beautiful daughter came in and I waited on them. I told them to have a Merry Christmas as they were leaving. They came back a short time later with vanilla cupcakes, a nice card, and a gift card. It really made my day ! I hope her and her family have a blessed New Year!


Springfield Il

I’m not the person that was tipped over, but my coworker Natalie was tipped over (more then 20%). I was the one that cashed out the gentleman. As I was cashing him out, I noticed the receipt said “You’ve been tipped over.” I told him I am familiar with this website and enjoy reading the testimonies. I told him thank you for his act of kindness and that I appreciate him.



An amazing family came in today on one of the busiest days these week. Not only were they sweet and made me laugh… which is my job… but they had a heart of Gold!! I’m always taking care of the girls here and this assures me that I’m doing the right thing even when its hard!! I will continue to do the same as they did!! Thank you so much!!

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