Here are some of the stories we’ve heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




I work ovens at a pizza place so I only make tips off of pick-up orders. I never go into work expecting tips because some days I simply do not make any. Today a woman came to pick up a few pizzas and left me and the other kitchen worker 30%! It was a nice surprise considering I am a college student. Made my day!



I worked the lunch shift today at Olive Garden. I had 2 ladies at my table. They were nice and easy to take care of which is always a plus. They left me a note after they left that told me I was over tipped and to visit this site. They gave me an amazing tip that made my day. ( It was 25 on a 37.38) I love serving people like this because they understand that our tips is how we make money. So I just want to say thank you to those ladies, and it was my pleasure serving you both today.



Today at work I was what servers refer to as “double say”, meaning I sat two tables at the same time. Normally, this isn’t anything I couldn’t handle, but these tables were both ten tops, so I was a bit stressed trying to figure out how to provide great service to my new ten tops and my other tables I already Had. The table that “tipped me over” were the sweetest people I had the pleasure of serving all day. Today was a tough day to start, because my Army husband had left early this morning for a move to Alabama, and I had to stay here in Illinois to finish school. I can be certain that God brought these amazing customers to my table to remind me that everything is going to be alright. If the customers ever get the chance to read this, thank you for making my day, and for reminding me to turn to God during these hard times. It is not the money that mattered to me, but the small reminder that there are good, godly people in the world. May God bless you all and your family. Thank you again!!!!



The couple that over tipped me were so sweet to me! And she was ready to order before her husband even came to the restaurant, but the food came up when he got there. They were so sweet to me! And I enjoyed sereving them and to be over tipped was the icing on the cake!



I am a hairstylist, and we make a baseline wage where i work so tips are very much an essential part of our income. There have been many times I’ve “Been Tipped Over,” but one instance stands out to me and brought me to tears. Last Christmas, a kind man paid with a $100 bill and left saying, “Keep the change merry christmas.”

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