Here are some of the stories from those who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




I waited on 3 people at Biaggi’s. There total bill was around $97. The couple wanted to pay for the food while the 3rd wanted to leave a tip. So I split the bill so the tipper would have a $3 charge. She then tipped $50. What amazing people are out there.



Tonight a four-top table came in to my restaurant and ask for me by name I didn’t know who they were I was so excited that they have totally fell in love with me long story short they ordered their food I waited on them like normal and the check they left me was unbelievable I got to pay my light bill and my phone bill with the tip they left me so yes you can say I’ve been tipped over.



I was the on server working. I had a 10 top plus other tables. My manager had helped make beverages and refill drinks but went back in the office. These two women came in, waited patiently and were the perfect customers. Not one complaint, just a breathe of gratitude after total chaos . They informed me of a table that had left due to me not making it there fast enough. I even forgot to ring in one of their drinks, not catching it before I handed them their ticket, the told me of the mistake and offered to pay for it. I told them my mistake. Went I went to get their book off the table after they left, there was a 200% tip and a grateful note, stating Jesus loves me! This came at a time more than needed with the holidays and bills overdue. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe all the emotions!!!! To Amanda in Springfield, thank you so much for your generosity and reminder of Jesus’ love!!!!!!



Grateful to have been tipped over by two generous ladies eating at Thai Basil.

Keisha Smith


Tonight at work I had some rude customers it was one of my worst nights working I was beyond ready to go home and a woman came in and brightened my day it was amazing!

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