Here are some of the stories from those who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.




Hello, I am a waitress in Lewistown, Illinois. It was my second day on the job and I got the chance to take a few tables. This couple I was waiting on ordered their dinner and I completely forgot that it came with sides. So I went back and made sure I asked them what they wanted. I brought their food out and made sure I asked them if they needed anything more than they had, only because I knew I messed up. This beautiful couple left me a $20 tip and their bill was $19 and some change. Thank you God! And thank you to this couple for listening to God!



It’s always hard being a mama away from your baby at work. Last night a mom and her two kids came in to eat some pizza. The mom was such an inspiration to me as she was a nurse (I’m going to school for that). We bonded over that and nursing our babies. She was so sweet and that really makes my job worth it. I was so surprised when she left me such a generous tip, it made me smile so huge to see she also said, “God loves you.” So if you’re reading this, thank you. You absolutely made my weekend ❤️



I’m a new server at a new restaurant in town, and I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be making any money. I was completely shocked to see two tipped-overs on checks of mine. Both saying that I have a knack for serving and being more than 40% tipped over!


Springfield, IL

Another double on a Sunday, and one of my last tables rounded up to a hundred! Thank you so much!

Shelly Russel


I enjoy being kind and feeding people as getting them full with joy is my passion!! Been at Bob Evans for 30 years come see me please!!

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